Turkish Women Like Football, Without Men

When league officials ordered* Turkish football team Fenerbahce to ban* all male fans for two games, it was meant as a penalty.  The team’s fans had caused problems during a recent friendly match against Ukrainian team Shakhtar Donetsk.
However, they have shown Fenerbahce, and football teams everywhere, a great way to increase their fan base and decrease* hooliganism at the same time.  41,000 women, and children under 12, filled* the stadium. The atmosphere was much more relaxed than during a normal game.  When the opposing* team came out, instead of greeting them with booing* and jeering,* the new fans greeted them with polite applause.
Turkish football officials were thrilled with the result.  “This is a good indication of Turkish women’s knowledge of football,” Yasemin Mercil, a female member of Fenerbahce’s board of directors, said.  “The women knew when to shout, when to protest.  They showed that it is not the women who don’t know the offside rule.*”
order – nařídit
ban – zakázat
decrease – snížit
fill – zaplnit
opposing team – soupeř
boo – vypískat
jeer – vysmívat se
rule – pravidlo
Question for discussion:
What other places should men be banned from?


Cow Thinks She is a Horse

German teenager Regina Mayer, 15, wanted her parents to  buy her a horse.  When they refused,* she found a creative way to  get what she wanted.
She trained* a cow to act like* a horse!
She started training the cow, Luna, shortly after she was born.  She started her off with  short walks and putting a saddle* on her.  She remembers her first ride.*  “She was really gentle* and walked normally but after a couple of meters she wanted me to  get off.  You could see she got a bit peeved.*
Now she can run and even jump like a horse, but she only does it when  she wants to.

Overcoming Hurdles

refuse – odmítnout
train – vycvičit
act like – chovat se jako
saddle – sedlo
ride – jízda
gentle – jemný
get peeved – naštvat se
Question for discussion:  
Which animals can do tricks?

Brazilian Player Sent Off* for Wearing a Mask

Brazilian forward* Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, usually known just as Neymar, was kicked out of* a recent league game by the referee* just for wearing a mask of himself!
The incident happened during a league game between Neymar’s team, Santos, and rivals Colo-Colo.
Neymar had received a yellow card earlier in the game for tripping.*
Then, while celebrating a goal, he picked up* a mask of himself that a fan had thrown onto the field* and put it on.  The fans thought it was great, but the referee was not amused.*
Many European clubs are interested in Neymar, who is only 19, but he is contracted to Santos until December, 2014.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

sent off – poslán pryč
forward – útočník
be kicked out of – být vyloučen z
referee – rozhodčí
tripping – podrážení
pick up – sebrat
field – hřiště
amused – pobavený
severe – přísný
Question for discussion:
Was the penalty too severe?*

The Comical Confusion* of the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth games are a major* event.*  With up to 4,000 athletes from 70 nations and territories which are members* of the British Commonwealth, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, South Africa and many others, they take place every four years.

The 2010 Commonwealth Games, which finished October 14th, were in Delhi, India.
Although the event ended  well, there were many problems along the way. There were problems of corruption and bad construction of the athletes village, and complaints* from residents* of Delhi and environmental* groups.  That was just the beginning.

Langur Monkeys were employed to keep other animals, including smaller monkeys, out of the athletes village.  Also, there were problems with wild dogs along the marathon route.
Several swimmers got diarrhea,* which is locally known as “Delhi Belly.”

Shera the Tiger Welcomed Visitors to the Games

Snakes were found in one South African athlete’s room, and elsewhere throughout the village.  Authorities called in a wildlife organization, and snake charmers,* to get rid of* them.

As at the Barcelona Olympics, free condoms were distributed to the athletes.  This caused* plumbing* problems as thousands of them were flushed down* toilets in the first week. Director of the games Michael Fennel said: “That is a very positive story.  The athletes are being responsible.”

confusion – zmatek
major – významnější
event – akce
member – člen
complaint – stížnost
resident – obyvatel
environmental – ekologický
diarrhea – průjem
snake charmer – krotitel hadů
get rid of – zbavit se
cause – způsobit
plumbing – kanalizace
be flushed down – být
spláchnut (do záchodu)

Question for discussion:
Have you ever been to India?

Sharapova Engaged*

The Happy Couple

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, who was once ranked* number 1 in the world, is engaged to be married.
The lucky man is Slovenian born Los Angeles Lakers Guard Sasha Vujajic.  He proposed, and gave her a ring, on the one year anniversary of the day they first met, at a mutual* friend’s barbecue.
“I had to do it like a gentleman,” Vujajic said.  “I think she liked it.  She said yes.”
Sharapova is 23 and Vujajic is 26.
She is currently* rated* number 14 in the world.

engaged – zasnoubený
be ranked – být na žebříčku
propose – požádat o ruku
mutual – společný
currently – v současné době
be rated – být ohodnocen

Question for discussion:
What sport will their children play?

Sisters Hold Martial Arts* Contest to Find Husbands

Two Chinese sisters who are martial arts experts have decided that the best way for them to find a man is to challenge* them to combat.*

“We tried dating agencies but the men we met were all too weak,” Xiao Yin, 21, the younger of the two sisters, said.  “So, we went back to the ancient ways called Bi Wu Zhao Qin – which was the way warrior* princesses would find their men.”
Men who want to compete for* the hand of Yin or her sister, Xiao Lin, 22, will have to compete in an archery* contest, carry a heavy weight over sharpened* bamboo poles* and then defeat* one of them in combat.  “If they can’t beat us, they aren’t worthy,*” Lin said.

So far, only a few men have accepted the challenge.  One Chinese man who saw the offer said “I’m a very good martial artist – but I think I’d want to see them with the masks off before I decided whether I wanted to fight for them.”

You Must Beat Them to Meet Them

martial art – bojové umění
challenge – vyzvat
combat – boj
warrior – válečnický
compete for – soutěžit o
archery – lukostřelba
sharpened – nabroušený
pole  – tyč
defeat – porazit
be worthy – stát za to

Question for discussion:
Will they find good husbands?

Thai Senators Punch* and Kick* Each Other, in Public

Two Thai Senators recently set up* a boxing ring in front of the Parliament building in Bangkok and fought* two rounds* – but it wasn’t about any policy difference or because they hated each other.  Payap Tongchuen, 59 and Direk Tungfang, 64, organized the fight to promote* Muay Thai, which is the national sport.  Muay Thai is a form of boxing which allows* both hitting and kicking.
Both of the politicians are former professional boxers.  Most spectators* agreed that Tungfang won the match.  He even scored* one knockdown and Tongchuen said after the match “It’s good that I can still stand!”
However, the referee* declared them joint victors.*
Tungfang said “The aim is to market Muay Thai at the international level and  to campaign for the younger generation to maintain this traditional sport.
punch – udeřit
kick – kopat
set up – nainstalovat
fought – past tense of fight
round – kolo
promote – propagovat
allow – dovolit
spectator – divák
score – získat bod
referee – rozhodčí
joint victor – spoluvítěz
Question for discussion:
Do you like violent sports?