Watson’s World News no. 12/2012

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Franz Would Be World’s Most Tattooed President

Vladimír Franz

Vladimír Franz

Vladimír Franz, an artist and drama professor in the Czech Republic, wants to be president.  If elected,* he will be the world’s most heavily tattooed person to hold such a high office. 90 percent of his body is covered in tattoos.  Although his appearance is unusual, Franz, 53, is a highly respected drama professor at the Academy of the performing arts in Prague.  He is also a  painter and a successful opera composer.
He graduated from law school and has a doctorate in law, but decided against making it a career because of the former communist government.  Instead, he chose  the  arts.
Despite his appearance,* his politics are moderate.*  He supports the European Union, but believes efforts* should be made to ensure* the rules* don’t favor bigger countries over small ones. He also believes in medical marijuana, but that those who smoke pot before driving should be severely* punished.*
“ I think I have a chance,” he said, “not only because I am non-partisan,* but as a person without a tarnished* political past and an individual free of links to* financial circles and their interests.”
Polls* show he currently has the support of between 6 and 7% of Czech voters.* There is a history, in the Czech Republic, of electing artists to office.  Václav Havel, the first president of the Czech Republic, was a playwright before he was a politician.
Franz is divorced and has one daughter. His current partner is photographer Ida Saudková.
elected – zvolen
composer – skladatel
appearance – vzhled
moderate – umírněný
effort – snaha, úsilí
ensure – zajistit
rule – pravidlo
severely – vážně
be punished – být potrestán
partisan – stoupenec
tarnished – poskvrněný
link to – propojení s
poll – průzkum veřejného mínění
voter – volič
Question for discussion:
Would you vote for a man who looks like that?




Arizona Republicans Have Gun* Raffle*

Gabrielle Giffords

On January 8th a crazy man with a gun, Jared Loughner, shot 18 people in Tucson, Arizona, USA.  Six of them died and many, including congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was the intended* victim,* were badly injured.*
On August 26th Republicans in Giffords’ district held a raffle for a Glock handgun, the same type of gun used in the shooting.
“Get yourself a new Glock 23.40 cal handgun for just 10 bucks – if your name is drawn,*”  the announcement* says, next to a picture of the gun.  The winner also got 36 bullets* and a carrying case.*

gun – zbraň
raffle – tombola
intended – zamýšlený
victim – oběť
injured – zraněný
be drawn – být vylosován
announcement – oznámení
bullet – náboj
case – pouzdro
Question for discussion:  
Was it a coincidence?