Village Wives vs. Sexy Barmaid*

Women in the Italian village of Cadelbosco Sopra are so angry at the local barmaid that they have started a petition to get her fired,* because their husbands are giving her too much of their money.
Loredana Popesciue, 27, is not afraid.   “These women are just jealous,*” she said.  “I have Brazilian roots* and I love to dance.  What’s wrong with that?”  She added “I have nothing against these women, but if their husbands wanted to spend time with them, they’d be at home and not in my bar.”
One of Loredana’s biggest supporters* is the pub’s owner.  Because of Loredana, he has renamed the pub the Lory Pink Bar.


barmaid – barmanka
get (somebody) fired – vyhodit (z práce)
jealous – žárlivý
root – kořen
supporter – zastánce
homewrecker – husband stealer
Question for discussion:
What can the wives do about this situation?


All Female Cult Worships* Putin

Some Russians love him and some Russians hate him, but Svetlana Frolova, who calls herself Mother Fotina, worships Vladimir Putin.
She is the leader of an all female sect whose members dress like nuns,* eat only turnips,* carrots, peas and buckwheat,* and believe that Putin is the reincarnation of St. Paul.
“According to the Bible, Paul the Apostle was a military commander* at first and an evil persecutor* of Christians before he started spreading* the Christian gospel,*” Frolova said.  “In his days in the KGB, Putin also did some rather unrighteous* things. But once he became president, he was imbued* with the Holy Spirit, and just like the apostle, he started wisely leading his flock.*
Followers are reportedly encouraged to sing upbeat patriotic Soviet songs at services, rather than hymns.
worship – uctívat
nun – jeptiška
turnip – řepa
buckwheat – pohanka
commander – velitel
persecutor –
spread – šířit
gospel – slovo boží
unrighteous –
be imbued – být prostoupen
flock – stádo
Question for discussion:  
What do you think about Vladimir Putin?

Exploding Watermelons

Farmers in China’s Jiangsu province were surprised recently when their watermelons began exploding.  Some farmers lost more than 50% of their crop.*
No one is sure about the cause,* but there are many theories.  Farmers in one village said they used seeds* imported from Japan, which recently had a nuclear disaster.*  However, they were only a few. Some blame* the unusually* hot and moist* weather.
The official government theory is that farmers used too much of a chemical which causes quick growth in fruit.  However,* some farmers who hadn’t used the chemical still had exploding watermelons.
crop – úroda
cause – příčina
seed – semeno
disaster – neštěstí
blame – vinit
unusually – neobvykle
moist – vlhký
however – nicméně
Question for discussion:
What could cause this?

Bristol Palin, Abstinence Advocate,* Gets Plastic Surgery

Bristol Palin became famous because her mother was the Republican candidate for vice president in 2008.  At the time, Bristol was 18 and pregnant.  Since then, she has become a spokesperson for Candies, an organization which encourages* young people not to have sex before marriage.  She travels around the U.S. making speeches,* and also appeared* on Dancing With the Stars.  Now, she has had plastic surgery.  She claims* it was for medical reasons.*
“It improved* the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons, so my jaw* and teeth could properly realign.*  I don’t obsess over my face,” she said.  However, she added, “I’m absolutely thrilled* with the results.”
You can see in the pictures that she has a new, more prominent chin, thinner neck and face, and higher cheekbones.
It doesn’t seem  the publicity will hurt her public image.  She is about to release* her biography, entitled Not Afraid of Life, and later this year will star in her own reality TV show.
abstinence advocate – zastánce sexuální zdrženlivosti
encourage – vyzývat
speech – proslov
appear – objevit se
claim – tvrdit
for medical reasons –
ze zdravotních důvodů
improve – vylepšit
jaw – čelist
realign – srovnat
thrilled – nadšený
release – vydat
Question for discussion:
Is this hypocritical?

South Korean Kiss Apple

Researchers* for the Rural Development Administration in South Korea believe they have found the cure for bad breath!  Or, at least, a new kind of breath mint.
It is a specially bred,* very small apple, about the size of a ping pong ball.
“We want young people to eat many apples and came up with the idea of portable apples for your bags,” said Hwang Hye-sung.Apples help freshen breath naturally and remove* pieces of food stuck in the teeth, but this would be easier to carry around, and small enough to eat in a bite or two, whenever you are going to kiss someone..
“We can mass produce the species with stronger functions that control food odors* in as few as two years.” Hwang added.
Some potential consumers were skeptical, saying that suddenly eating an apple might not seem very romantic.
researcher – vědec
bred – vypěstovaný
remove – odstranit
odor – vůně
Question for discussion:
How do you keep your breath fresh?

Venezuela “Gets Tough” on* Dangerous Drivers

Venezuela is an oil producing nation where gasoline is so cheap it is almost free and highway rules* are rarely enforced.*  Testing of drunk drivers is almost unknown, and traveling on pot-holed* freeways at high speeds is common.
So, when they  suspended*  bus driver Ramon Parra’s license recently, it was the first time ever.
Police stopped Ramon Parra, 41, for driving at excessive speed in an overloaded* passenger bus that was missing one of its rear* wheels.  One of its six wheels was actually in the aisle* inside the bus, police said.
“It is important to emphasize that this is a totally new act; for the first time in Venezuela we are suspending a driving license, for 12 consecutive months,*” Luis Fernandez, head of the Venezuelan traffic police, said.
get tough on – přitvrdit
rule – pravidlo
rarely – zřídka
be enforced – být uplatňován
pot-holed – s výmoly
suspend – odebrat
overloaded – přetížený
rear – zadní
aisle – ulička
emphasize – zdůraznit
consecutive – po sobě jdoucí
Question for discussion:
Are you a good driver?

Man Sues* Hospital for Tattoo

A patient is refusing* to leave hospital in China because he says medical staff* tattooed his backside during surgery.*
Sheng Xianhui, 34, of Kunming, southwest China, says that “Stone Disease” was tattooed on his right buttock.*  He was in the hospital to have gallstones* removed.*
The hospital has now called police to try to evict* Sheng, but Sheng says he welcomes the police.
“I‘m not leaving,“ he said. “I‘m worried that if I go out for even half an hour, the hospital will claim I had the tattoo done outside.  But even if I wanted a tattoo, I wouldn‘t want those characters and I wouldn‘t want it on that part of my body.”
sue – žalovat
refuse – odmítnout
staff – zaměstnanci
buttock – hýždě
gallstone – žlučníkový kámen
remove – odstranit
evict – soudně vystěhovat
Question for discussion:
Why would the hospital do that?