Man Dies of Overeating*

Ivan Mendel, a 77 year old man from Ukraine, liked vareniki,a type of Ukrainian dumplings.  Sometimes they are savory,* filled with meat or mushrooms.  Sometimes they are sweet, filled with various kinds of fruit.
Mendel liked them so much that, on September 18th, he entered* a vareniki eating contest* in the southeastern town of Tokmak.  He won the contest, eating 10 of the delicious stuffed dumplings in only 30 seconds.  He won a jar of sour cream.
However,* his victory was short lived.  He got sick immediately after the contest and died.

He Loved Them to Death

overeat – přejíst se
savory – nesladký
enter – zúčastnit se
contest – soutěž
however – nicméně
Question for discussion:
Could you eat 10 of anything in 30 seconds?