Brad and Angelina’s Kids Want Them to Marry

One Big Happy Family

America’s most famous celebrity couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are not married.
Five years ago, Pitt said that he would not marry Jolie until gay marriage was legalized throughout the United States.
The two fell in love when they worked together on “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.
Gay marriage is still only legal in 7 states and Brad and Angelina are still unmarried.
They have 6 children, 3 of whom are biologically theirs and 3, from different countries around the world, they have adopted.
The oldest is Maddox, a Cambodian
boy Jolie adopted in 2002, when she was still married to actor Billy Bob Thornton.  Then she adopted Zahara, an Ethiopian girl, in 2005.  By that time, her and Pitt had begun dating, and he agreed with the adoption.
In 2006, she gave birth to a girl they named Shiloh.  In 2007, they adopted a 3 year old Vietnamese boy who they renamed Pax.  Then, in 2008, Jolie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl named Knox and Vivienne.
They are still unmarried but Pitt, the star of “Fight Club” and “Seven”, said recently that their children are pressuring* them to change that.
“I’ve said that we would not be getting married until everyone in this country has the right to get married.  We live in this great country that is about freedom.  It is defined by our freedom and equality* and yet we allow* this discrimination to go on every day and that’s not what we’re about.  That’s not what makes us great… but the kids are putting on the heat.*  They really are.  They are putting on the heat,” he said on a TV show recently.
pressure – tlačit na
equality – rovnost
allow – dovolit
put on the heat – tlačit
Question for discussion:
Should they marry?


Firth Doesn’t Remember Oscar Win

An actor has to remember their lines,* but they don’t have to remember them forever.
British actor Colin Firth won the Motion Picture Academy Award (the Oscar) this year for his role as King George the 6th in The King’s Speech.  The film was about how King George overcame his stuttering* problem, which is a serious problem indeed* for someone who must speak often in public.
Firth had no problem delivering* his acceptance* speech,* but he  now says that he doesn’t remember doing it at all!  “No, I can’t remember what happened, that’s what’s completely extraordinary,* but I think when major things happen to us, whether good or bad, there’s a slight* shock.  It has a slightly numbing* effect.”
Firth is also famous for his roles in “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and “Love, Actually”, among many other films.
line – text
stuttering – koktající
indeed – opravdu
deliver – veřejně pronést
acceptance – převzetí (ceny)
speech – proslov
extraordinary – zvláštní
slight – nepatrný
numbing – ochromující
Question for discussion:
Are you a fan of  Colin Firth?

Terminator’s Marriage is Terminated

Arnold Schwarzenegger had it all. The former* Mr. Universe was a popular actor, who came to fame* in such action adventures as Terminator and Total Recall, then comedies such as Kindergarten Cop and Twins.
He was governor of California for 8 years.
He was married, for 25 years, to the beautiful Maria Shriver. They have 4 children together: Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13.
Now, Maria wants a divorce because she found out* that Arnold had an affair with their maid,* Mildred (Patti) Baene, and Baene has a 13 year old son who looks a lot like Arnold.  She worked for the Schwarzeneggers for approximately 20 years, and left the job this January.
Although Maria is independently wealthy* (she was a successful TV announcer* before she quit* when Arnold became governor, and she is the niece* of former president John Kennedy), she could get half of Arnold’s wealth in a divorce, which would be hundreds of millions of dollars.
Also, Arnold’s public image as a loveable family man is damaged.*  He had no plans to return to politics, but he does plan to continue making movies.  However, for the moment, all of his upcoming* film projects have been postponed* indefinitely.*

In the Family Picture, They Look Pretty Happy

former – bývalý
come to fame – proslavit se
find out – zjistit
maid – služebná
wealthy – bohatý
announcer – hlasatelka
quit – dát výpověď
niece – neteř
be damaged – být poškozen
upcoming – připravovaný
be postponed – být odložen
indefinitely – na neurčito
Question for discussion:
Are you still a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Carla Bruni Pregnant

Carla Bruni, the singer and former model who is married to French president Nicolas Sarkozy, is pregnant.  Although she and her husband have made no official announcement,* her father-in- law* could not keep quiet.
Hungarian born Pal Sarkozy, 82, said “I‘m glad to be having a grandchild.  They don’t want to know the sex of the child, but I’m sure it’s a girl who’ll be as beautiful as Carla.”
Sarkozy, 56, already has 3 sons from 2 previous marriages.  They are adults.  Bruni, 43, has a 10 year old son from a previous relationship.
Carla Bruni appears* in Woody Allen’s current* film “Midnight in Paris,” which has gotten good reviews.*
announcement – prohlášení
father-in-law – tchán
appear – objevit se
current – současný
review – recenze
Question for discussion:  
Should Grandpa keep quiet?

For Beatle Paul McCartney, 3rd Time’s a Charm

Paul McCartney, 68, is engaged* to be married.  His bride to be* is Nancy Shevell, 51.
McCartney, who is the most commercially successful songwriter in the history of popular music, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, has been married twice before.  His first marriage was to Linda Eastman.  They were happily married from 1969 until her death from cancer in 1998.  She performed* with him in the band “Wings,” she converted him to* vegetarianism and they were both active animal rights activists.
They had 4 children, all of whom are adults now.  One is the well known fashion designer Stella McCartney.
Then, he had a short and bitter marriage with one legged model Heather Mills, followed by a very public divorce which cost McCartney a lot of money.  McCartney and Mills had a daughter together, Beatrice, who is 7.
He has been dating Shevell since shortly after his divorce from Mills.  Money is not likely to be a problem in this relationship.
One friend of Shevell’s said “Nancy’s father has more money than God.”   Shevell’s father owns a trucking* company, which she now manages,* and has a net worth* of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.
engaged – zasnoubený
bride to be – budoucí nevěsta
perform – vystupovat
convert to – získat pro
bitter – hořký
trucking – přepravní
manage – řídit
net worth – mající čistou hodnotu
Question for discussion:
Will they be happy?

Tyson Sues Filmmakers

In the film Hangover II, scheduled to be released* this summer, one of the characters wakes up, after a night of heavy drinking, with a tattoo
like Mike Tyson’s.
Tyson, who has a role in the film, was amused when he first saw it, but now his tattoo artist is suing the filmmakers.
S. Victor Whitmill is charging* Warner Brothers studios with copyright infringement,* saying that he was never asked for permission to use his original design.  The tattoo is similar to that of a Maori warrior.*
Warner Brothers says that it’s O.K. to use the tattoo because the film is a comedy, and there is no malicious* intent.*
be released – být uveden v premiéře
charge – žalovat
infringement – porušení
warrior – válečník
malicious – zlý
intent – úmysl
Question for discussion:
Who will win the case?

Will and Kate Have Biggest Wedding Ever

It will be watched on television by as many as 2 billion people.  Thousands more will watch on big screens* in public squares across England.  It will cost almost 25 million euros, which is even more than Charles and Diana’s wedding 30 years ago.
Guests will include* celebrities such as singer Elton John, comedian Rowan Atkinson, footballer David and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, kings and queens from 40 other countries and political leaders from the 54 commonwealth nations.  (U.S. President Barack Obama, however, was not invited.  Neither was France’s Nicholas Sarkozy.)
This Friday, April 29th, Prince William of England will marry his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton at 11 a.m.
It will be a traditional royal wedding in many senses,* but there will be one modern touch.*  Instead of promising* to “love, honor* and obey*” Kate will promise to “love, comfort,* honor and keep*” William, but will omit* the word “obey.”
A friend of Kate’s said  “They have been together for 10 years, studied together, lived together and have the same friends. They are equals* in every way, and have planned this wedding as equal partners, so for Kate to ‘obey’ doesn’t make sense.*”
Prince William is 3rd in line for the English throne.  His grandmother, Elizabeth, is the current queen.  When she dies William’s father, Charles, will become king.
If Charles lives as long as his mother and, especially, his grandmother, William, 28, will be an old man before he becomes king.

Mr. and Mrs. Future King of England

screen – obrazovka
include – zahrnovat
sense – smysl
touch – nádech
promise – slibovat
honor – ctít
obey – poslouchat
comfort – postarat se o pohodlí; utěšit
omit – vynechat
equal – rovnocenná osoba
make sense – dávat smysl
Question for discussion:
Is this too expensive?