Tiny Eel* Makes Man Squeal

Zhang Nan, 56, from China, learned the hard way that bathing with eels is not a good idea.
He had heard that they would make a person look younger by nibbling* at the dry skin.  But it didn’t work out that way.
“I climbed in* the bath and could feel the eels nibbling my body, then I felt a severe pain,” he said.  One of them had swum up his urethra (the tiny hole in the penis). “I tried to grab the eel to pull it out again but it was too slippery* and disappeared.*”
He went to the hospital, where doctors did surgery* and removed the eel, which had reached Zhang’s bladder* before it died.

Tiny Thing

eel – úhoř
nibble – okusovat
climb in – vlézt do
slippery – kluzký
disappear – zmizet
surgery – operace
reach – dostat se do
bladder – žlučník
Question for discussion:
Have you ever had a beauty treatment go wrong?


Drunk Moose* Saved From Tree

Per Johannsen, 45, who lives in a suburb of Gothenburg Sweden, heard a roaring* noise coming from his neighbors garden one recent evening.  He knew his neighbor was  on vacation, so he went to look.
What he saw was almost unbelievable.  There was a moose, stuck* in an apple tree.  With the help of the police and rescue* services, Johannsen managed* to free the animal by sawing off* a few branches.*
Authorities say the animal, a female,  may have eaten too much fermented* fruit, leaving her dizzy* and disoriented.
In other words, she was drunk.
moose – los
roaring – řvoucí
stuck – uvíznutý
rescue – záchranný
manage – dokázat
saw off – odříznout
branch – větev
fermented – zkvašený
dizzy – mající závrať
Question for discussion:
Have you ever been so drunk you got stuck in a tree?

Cows Love Jazz

As the American band “The New Hot 5,” were touring* in France recently, they decided to combine business and pleasure* to have an open air practice one sunny day.
A nearby herd* of cows heard the music, and walked over to the edge* of the field to enjoy the show.
An amateur video of the scene was an immediate* hit on Youtube, getting over a quarter of a million hits* in its first week.  You can see it here.
The band, which has been together since 2009, plays dixieland jazz and specializes in the works of jazz legends such as Louis Armstrong and Jellyroll Morton.
tour – být na turné
pleasure – zábava
herd – stádo
edge – kraj
immediate – okamžitý
hit – kliknutí
Question for discussion:
Do you like jazz?

Baby Drinks Directly from Cow

Tha Sophat, an 18 month old Cambodian boy, has been drinking milk directly from a cow since July.   That’s when a storm* destroyed* their family’s home and his parents went to Thailand to look for work.They left the baby  with his grandfather.  The baby, of course, missed* his mother’s milk but when he saw a calf* drinking from its mother, he decided to join in.
The boys grandfather, Um Oeung, says that the neighbors aren’t happy.  “They blame* me and have told me not to allow* him to suckle* from the cow any more,” he said.  But, he added: “His health is fine, he is strong and he doesn’t have diarrhea.*”
storm – bouře
destroy – zničit
miss – postrádat
calf – tele
blame – obviňovat
allow – dovolit
suckle – sát
diarrhea – průjem
Question for discussion:
Is this bad for the child?

One Dog Per Owner!

Shanghai, China’s largest city, has a problem with dogs.  There are just too many of them.
So, in an effort* to reduce dog bites* and possible outbreaks* of rabies,* a new law went into effect May 1st: One dog per owner.  The law also reduces the fees* for licensing, to encourage people to comply.*  It also requires all dogs to be kept on a leash* while outside and bans* certain breeds* of dog which are considered aggressive.
effort – snaha
dog bite – kousnutí psem
outbreak – propuknutí
rabies – vzteklina
fee – poplatek
comply – být ve shodě (s předpisy)
leash – vodítko
ban – zakázat
breed – rasa
Question for discussion:  
Is this a good law?

Cow Thinks She is a Horse

German teenager Regina Mayer, 15, wanted her parents to  buy her a horse.  When they refused,* she found a creative way to  get what she wanted.
She trained* a cow to act like* a horse!
She started training the cow, Luna, shortly after she was born.  She started her off with  short walks and putting a saddle* on her.  She remembers her first ride.*  “She was really gentle* and walked normally but after a couple of meters she wanted me to  get off.  You could see she got a bit peeved.*
Now she can run and even jump like a horse, but she only does it when  she wants to.

Overcoming Hurdles

refuse – odmítnout
train – vycvičit
act like – chovat se jako
saddle – sedlo
ride – jízda
gentle – jemný
get peeved – naštvat se
Question for discussion:  
Which animals can do tricks?

Lionfish Problem Solved: They are Good to Eat

Red Lionfish are native to the South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Red Sea.  So, once they entered the Caribbean and Atlantic (possibly after an aquarium was broken during Hurricane Andrew in 1992), they spread* quickly.  They have no natural predators there.
“There really aren’t government funds to provide* bounties* or removal* programs,” said environmentalist Lad Akins.  So, his organization, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) decided that the best way to fight the Lionfish was to encourage people to eat them, and they produced a cookbook!
“It’s absolutely good eating, a delicacy” Akins said.  “It’s delicately flavored white meat, very buttery.”
The Lionfish does have poison* in its “spines,*” but they are easily removed* before cooking.

Disaster or Delicacy

spread – rozšířit se
provide – poskytnout
bounty – najatý lovec
removal – odstranění
environmentalist – ekolog
encourage – povzbudit
poison – jed
spine – ploutev
be removed – být odstraněn
Question for discussion:
Do you like seafood?