About Watson’s World News

We began issuing the print edition of Watson’s World News in the summer of 2004.  Originally, it was called Watson’s Weekly World News because I liked the alliteration, but it was way, way too much work so in January, 2005 we cut it back to a monthly.

We’ve added  a few features since then, such as the horoscope, the crossword puzzle, and the fun page (that was Bubu’s idea.  He’s a fun guy.)

One purpose of the paper is, of course, to promote our school.  However, it also gives students easy and interesting material to read in English and provides teachers with an instant lesson plan.  Just have the students read the articles and then discuss them.

We hope you will enjoy this online version and use it often.

Whether you are a teacher of English or a student, we wish you the best of luck.                        Willie Watson

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