Village Wives vs. Sexy Barmaid*

Women in the Italian village of Cadelbosco Sopra are so angry at the local barmaid that they have started a petition to get her fired,* because their husbands are giving her too much of their money.
Loredana Popesciue, 27, is not afraid.   “These women are just jealous,*” she said.  “I have Brazilian roots* and I love to dance.  What’s wrong with that?”  She added “I have nothing against these women, but if their husbands wanted to spend time with them, they’d be at home and not in my bar.”
One of Loredana’s biggest supporters* is the pub’s owner.  Because of Loredana, he has renamed the pub the Lory Pink Bar.


barmaid – barmanka
get (somebody) fired – vyhodit (z práce)
jealous – žárlivý
root – kořen
supporter – zastánce
homewrecker – husband stealer
Question for discussion:
What can the wives do about this situation?

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