Turkish Women Like Football, Without Men

When league officials ordered* Turkish football team Fenerbahce to ban* all male fans for two games, it was meant as a penalty.  The team’s fans had caused problems during a recent friendly match against Ukrainian team Shakhtar Donetsk.
However, they have shown Fenerbahce, and football teams everywhere, a great way to increase their fan base and decrease* hooliganism at the same time.  41,000 women, and children under 12, filled* the stadium. The atmosphere was much more relaxed than during a normal game.  When the opposing* team came out, instead of greeting them with booing* and jeering,* the new fans greeted them with polite applause.
Turkish football officials were thrilled with the result.  “This is a good indication of Turkish women’s knowledge of football,” Yasemin Mercil, a female member of Fenerbahce’s board of directors, said.  “The women knew when to shout, when to protest.  They showed that it is not the women who don’t know the offside rule.*”
order – nařídit
ban – zakázat
decrease – snížit
fill – zaplnit
opposing team – soupeř
boo – vypískat
jeer – vysmívat se
rule – pravidlo
Question for discussion:
What other places should men be banned from?


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