Tiny Eel* Makes Man Squeal

Zhang Nan, 56, from China, learned the hard way that bathing with eels is not a good idea.
He had heard that they would make a person look younger by nibbling* at the dry skin.  But it didn’t work out that way.
“I climbed in* the bath and could feel the eels nibbling my body, then I felt a severe pain,” he said.  One of them had swum up his urethra (the tiny hole in the penis). “I tried to grab the eel to pull it out again but it was too slippery* and disappeared.*”
He went to the hospital, where doctors did surgery* and removed the eel, which had reached Zhang’s bladder* before it died.

Tiny Thing

eel – úhoř
nibble – okusovat
climb in – vlézt do
slippery – kluzký
disappear – zmizet
surgery – operace
reach – dostat se do
bladder – žlučník
Question for discussion:
Have you ever had a beauty treatment go wrong?


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