Mass Arrest* of Amish Men in USA for “Traffic Violation*”

Police in Kentucky, USA, put 8 members of the Amish religious group in jail* recently.
They were arrested because they would not put a bright orange triangle on their horse pulled carriages.*
The men, who are all members of  an Amish group called The Old Order of Swartzentruber, say that the triangles violate their religious beliefs* which ban* bright colored clothing and also using man made symbols for safety.  They did not pay the fine* and were sentenced* to between 3 and 10 days.
A 9th man was released* after a friend paid the fine for him, because he has a son at home with cerebral palsy,* and needed to be there to care for him.
The men were given dark prison clothes instead of the orange suits the other prisoners wear, and could have bibles to read in their cells.  “They were very nice.  They did anything we asked them to do.  We had no problems,” prison warden* Randy Haley said.
There are approximately 250,000 Amish people in the United States.

Kentucky’s Eight Most Wanted Men

arrest – zatýkání
traffic violation – porušování dopravních předpisů
jail – vězení
carriage – vůz
belief – přesvědčení
ban – zakázat
fine – pokuta
be sentenced – být odsouzen
be released – být propuštěn
cerebral palsy – mozková obrna
warden – dozorce
Question for discussion:
Is religious freedom a traffic hazard?


One Response to Mass Arrest* of Amish Men in USA for “Traffic Violation*”

  1. How rediculous! Can’t they use some kind of laterns for night travel? I’m sure not going to not see a horse and buggy travelling down the road.

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