Firth Doesn’t Remember Oscar Win

An actor has to remember their lines,* but they don’t have to remember them forever.
British actor Colin Firth won the Motion Picture Academy Award (the Oscar) this year for his role as King George the 6th in The King’s Speech.  The film was about how King George overcame his stuttering* problem, which is a serious problem indeed* for someone who must speak often in public.
Firth had no problem delivering* his acceptance* speech,* but he  now says that he doesn’t remember doing it at all!  “No, I can’t remember what happened, that’s what’s completely extraordinary,* but I think when major things happen to us, whether good or bad, there’s a slight* shock.  It has a slightly numbing* effect.”
Firth is also famous for his roles in “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and “Love, Actually”, among many other films.
line – text
stuttering – koktající
indeed – opravdu
deliver – veřejně pronést
acceptance – převzetí (ceny)
speech – proslov
extraordinary – zvláštní
slight – nepatrný
numbing – ochromující
Question for discussion:
Are you a fan of  Colin Firth?


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