Drunk Moose* Saved From Tree

Per Johannsen, 45, who lives in a suburb of Gothenburg Sweden, heard a roaring* noise coming from his neighbors garden one recent evening.  He knew his neighbor was  on vacation, so he went to look.
What he saw was almost unbelievable.  There was a moose, stuck* in an apple tree.  With the help of the police and rescue* services, Johannsen managed* to free the animal by sawing off* a few branches.*
Authorities say the animal, a female,  may have eaten too much fermented* fruit, leaving her dizzy* and disoriented.
In other words, she was drunk.
moose – los
roaring – řvoucí
stuck – uvíznutý
rescue – záchranný
manage – dokázat
saw off – odříznout
branch – větev
fermented – zkvašený
dizzy – mající závrať
Question for discussion:
Have you ever been so drunk you got stuck in a tree?


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