Artist Makes Necklaces* From Hair

Fashion, Art or just Weird?

There is an expression in English, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.*”
Certainly, the works of creative art student Kerry Howley, 23, are original.  Also, they required* a great deal of* skill and effort to make.  Some people may find them beautiful, but some people may find them repulsive.*
That’s because Howley makes necklaces from human hair.  She says she was inspired by people’s aversion to hair once it has left the body.  She got the hair from a friend of her mother’s, a Japanese woman who has hair down to her waist.*
“My mother’s friend volunteered* to have 30 centimeters of her hair cut off* for me, which was extremely generous,*” Howley said.
Each necklace took approximately 60 hours to make.
necklace – náhrdelník
beholder – pozorovatel
require – vyžadovat
a great deal of – hodně
repulsive – odporný
waist – pas
volunteer – dobrovolně se přihlásit
cut off – odstřihnout
generous – štědrý
Question for discussion:
Would you wear one?


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