Granny Gets Boob* Job

When you hear about a woman getting breast implants, you usually think of a young woman, trying hard to compete* in  a sexually competitive society.
So, a lot of people were surprised when 83 year old Marie Kolstad, of Santa Ana, California, USA decided to get them.
Mrs. Kolstad said she is in good health so “why not take advantage of it?”
She said she decided to have the work, which costs between 5 and 6,000 euros, done because she was not happy with what old age had done to her figure.  “Your breasts go in one direction and your brain goes in another,” she said.
There is no medical reason* why an elderly* woman shouldn’t get a breast implant.  One plastic surgeon* said “I’d rather operate on  a healthy 70 to 75 year old than and unhealthy 40-something patient.”
boob – koza (prso)
compete – soutěžit
reason – důvod
elderly – starší
surgeon – chirurg
waste – plýtvat
Question for discussion:
Is she wasting her money?

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