World’s Tallest Building’s First Suicide

It was only a matter of time.*  If you build the world’s tallest building, eventually* someone is going to commit suicide* by jumping from it.  Athirama Kannan, 38, a construction foreman* from India last week became the first to kill himself at Burj Khalifa in Dubai which, at 160 stories, is by far the world’s tallest building.
He jumped from the 148th floor and landed* on a deck on the 124th floor.  He died instantly.
He left his shoes and a diary near where he jumped.  Apparently, he was distressed over* the death of his brother, which happened in December. Some colleagues, however, say that he had asked his boss for a holiday, and committed suicide after he was refused.*
“When he came into work, he was OK. He was fine at 7.40 am. At 8.30 he was emotionally distressed,” one of his colleagues said.
matter of time – otázka času
eventually – časem
commit suicide – spáchat sebevraždu
foreman – vedoucí
by far – zdaleka
land – přistát
be distressed over – být rozrušený kvůli
be refused – být odmítnut
Question for discussion:
Have you ever been to Dubai?

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