Venezuela “Gets Tough” on* Dangerous Drivers

Venezuela is an oil producing nation where gasoline is so cheap it is almost free and highway rules* are rarely enforced.*  Testing of drunk drivers is almost unknown, and traveling on pot-holed* freeways at high speeds is common.
So, when they  suspended*  bus driver Ramon Parra’s license recently, it was the first time ever.
Police stopped Ramon Parra, 41, for driving at excessive speed in an overloaded* passenger bus that was missing one of its rear* wheels.  One of its six wheels was actually in the aisle* inside the bus, police said.
“It is important to emphasize that this is a totally new act; for the first time in Venezuela we are suspending a driving license, for 12 consecutive months,*” Luis Fernandez, head of the Venezuelan traffic police, said.
get tough on – přitvrdit
rule – pravidlo
rarely – zřídka
be enforced – být uplatňován
pot-holed – s výmoly
suspend – odebrat
overloaded – přetížený
rear – zadní
aisle – ulička
emphasize – zdůraznit
consecutive – po sobě jdoucí
Question for discussion:
Are you a good driver?


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