Tyson Sues Filmmakers

In the film Hangover II, scheduled to be released* this summer, one of the characters wakes up, after a night of heavy drinking, with a tattoo
like Mike Tyson’s.
Tyson, who has a role in the film, was amused when he first saw it, but now his tattoo artist is suing the filmmakers.
S. Victor Whitmill is charging* Warner Brothers studios with copyright infringement,* saying that he was never asked for permission to use his original design.  The tattoo is similar to that of a Maori warrior.*
Warner Brothers says that it’s O.K. to use the tattoo because the film is a comedy, and there is no malicious* intent.*
be released – být uveden v premiéře
charge – žalovat
infringement – porušení
warrior – válečník
malicious – zlý
intent – úmysl
Question for discussion:
Who will win the case?


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