Turkish Police Find That People Are Easily Conned*

Recently, Turkish policemen in the southeastern city of Gaziantep dressed up as doctors and went door to door, telling people they were testing for high blood pressure and giving out pills.  Their goal* was to find out* just how easy it is for a con man to get into someone’s home and rob* them.
They were alarmed* when residents at 86 out of 100 households visited on Tuesday swallowed* the pills immediately.  Police later returned to warn residents to be more cautious.*
The police pills were harmless* placebos. But a local gang had been using the same technique to give people heavy sedatives and then rob them while they were unconscious.* Although the citizens of Gaziantep were fooled, they were at least fooled by a clever act.
In the southern city of Adana, police rang doorbells and then announced through the intercom “I am a burglar, please open the door.”  Police said they were surprised by the number of people who opened the door.
conned – podveditelný
goal – cíl
find out – zjistit
rob – okrást
be alarmed – mít strach
swallow – spolknout
cautious – opatrný
harmless – neškodný
unconscious – v bezvědomí
Question for discussion:  
What do you do if a stranger comes to your door?


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