Terminator’s Marriage is Terminated

Arnold Schwarzenegger had it all. The former* Mr. Universe was a popular actor, who came to fame* in such action adventures as Terminator and Total Recall, then comedies such as Kindergarten Cop and Twins.
He was governor of California for 8 years.
He was married, for 25 years, to the beautiful Maria Shriver. They have 4 children together: Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13.
Now, Maria wants a divorce because she found out* that Arnold had an affair with their maid,* Mildred (Patti) Baene, and Baene has a 13 year old son who looks a lot like Arnold.  She worked for the Schwarzeneggers for approximately 20 years, and left the job this January.
Although Maria is independently wealthy* (she was a successful TV announcer* before she quit* when Arnold became governor, and she is the niece* of former president John Kennedy), she could get half of Arnold’s wealth in a divorce, which would be hundreds of millions of dollars.
Also, Arnold’s public image as a loveable family man is damaged.*  He had no plans to return to politics, but he does plan to continue making movies.  However, for the moment, all of his upcoming* film projects have been postponed* indefinitely.*

In the Family Picture, They Look Pretty Happy

former – bývalý
come to fame – proslavit se
find out – zjistit
maid – služebná
wealthy – bohatý
announcer – hlasatelka
quit – dát výpověď
niece – neteř
be damaged – být poškozen
upcoming – připravovaný
be postponed – být odložen
indefinitely – na neurčito
Question for discussion:
Are you still a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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