South Korean Kiss Apple

Researchers* for the Rural Development Administration in South Korea believe they have found the cure for bad breath!  Or, at least, a new kind of breath mint.
It is a specially bred,* very small apple, about the size of a ping pong ball.
“We want young people to eat many apples and came up with the idea of portable apples for your bags,” said Hwang Hye-sung.Apples help freshen breath naturally and remove* pieces of food stuck in the teeth, but this would be easier to carry around, and small enough to eat in a bite or two, whenever you are going to kiss someone..
“We can mass produce the species with stronger functions that control food odors* in as few as two years.” Hwang added.
Some potential consumers were skeptical, saying that suddenly eating an apple might not seem very romantic.
researcher – vědec
bred – vypěstovaný
remove – odstranit
odor – vůně
Question for discussion:
How do you keep your breath fresh?


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