Man Sues* Hospital for Tattoo

A patient is refusing* to leave hospital in China because he says medical staff* tattooed his backside during surgery.*
Sheng Xianhui, 34, of Kunming, southwest China, says that “Stone Disease” was tattooed on his right buttock.*  He was in the hospital to have gallstones* removed.*
The hospital has now called police to try to evict* Sheng, but Sheng says he welcomes the police.
“I‘m not leaving,“ he said. “I‘m worried that if I go out for even half an hour, the hospital will claim I had the tattoo done outside.  But even if I wanted a tattoo, I wouldn‘t want those characters and I wouldn‘t want it on that part of my body.”
sue – žalovat
refuse – odmítnout
staff – zaměstnanci
buttock – hýždě
gallstone – žlučníkový kámen
remove – odstranit
evict – soudně vystěhovat
Question for discussion:
Why would the hospital do that?


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