Man Sent to Jail for Tattoo

In 2004, Anthony Garcia shot* and killed John Juarez, a member of a rival* gang.  There were no witnesses and Garcia was not caught until recently.
In fact, Garcia was so confident* that he got a tattoo to commemorate* the event.
Then, police sergeant Kevin Lloyd was preparing to testify* in a different case by looking through a photo album of gang members’ tattoos, and he saw it.
“This is  extraordinary,“ said Deputy District Attorney Brock Lunsford. “You see him as an exhibit* because he has such detail… There is even a curve to the light post, which is a pretty unusual type of light post.”
jail – vězení
shot – střelit
rival – soupeřící
witness – svědek
confident – sebejistý
commemorate – připomenout
testify – svědčit
exhibit – výstava
Question for discussion:
Do you have tattoos?

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