For Beatle Paul McCartney, 3rd Time’s a Charm

Paul McCartney, 68, is engaged* to be married.  His bride to be* is Nancy Shevell, 51.
McCartney, who is the most commercially successful songwriter in the history of popular music, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, has been married twice before.  His first marriage was to Linda Eastman.  They were happily married from 1969 until her death from cancer in 1998.  She performed* with him in the band “Wings,” she converted him to* vegetarianism and they were both active animal rights activists.
They had 4 children, all of whom are adults now.  One is the well known fashion designer Stella McCartney.
Then, he had a short and bitter marriage with one legged model Heather Mills, followed by a very public divorce which cost McCartney a lot of money.  McCartney and Mills had a daughter together, Beatrice, who is 7.
He has been dating Shevell since shortly after his divorce from Mills.  Money is not likely to be a problem in this relationship.
One friend of Shevell’s said “Nancy’s father has more money than God.”   Shevell’s father owns a trucking* company, which she now manages,* and has a net worth* of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.
engaged – zasnoubený
bride to be – budoucí nevěsta
perform – vystupovat
convert to – získat pro
bitter – hořký
trucking – přepravní
manage – řídit
net worth – mající čistou hodnotu
Question for discussion:
Will they be happy?


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