Exploding Watermelons

Farmers in China’s Jiangsu province were surprised recently when their watermelons began exploding.  Some farmers lost more than 50% of their crop.*
No one is sure about the cause,* but there are many theories.  Farmers in one village said they used seeds* imported from Japan, which recently had a nuclear disaster.*  However, they were only a few. Some blame* the unusually* hot and moist* weather.
The official government theory is that farmers used too much of a chemical which causes quick growth in fruit.  However,* some farmers who hadn’t used the chemical still had exploding watermelons.
crop – úroda
cause – příčina
seed – semeno
disaster – neštěstí
blame – vinit
unusually – neobvykle
moist – vlhký
however – nicméně
Question for discussion:
What could cause this?

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