Wine’s Name Causes Conflict

A glass of wine is a nice way to relax, and nobody needs to relax more than mothers with small children.
So, it’s not surprising that wine makers want to appeal* to that market.
Now, Mommyjuice, a California wine, is being sued* by Mommy’s Time Out, an Italian wine, for stealing* their name.
The attorney* for Mommyjuice, K.C. Branch, said “Mommy is a generic word that they don’t have a monopoly  on.”
Richard Mendelson, who teaches wine law at the University of California in Berkeley, said lawsuits* like this are quite common.  “For a wine coming out to market, it’s hard to find a name that’s not in use.”
appeal – přilákat
be sued – být žalován
steal – ukrást
attorney – advokát
lawsuit – soudní proces
frivolous – malicherný
Question for discussion:
Is this  a frivolous lawsuit?


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