Will and Kate Have Biggest Wedding Ever

It will be watched on television by as many as 2 billion people.  Thousands more will watch on big screens* in public squares across England.  It will cost almost 25 million euros, which is even more than Charles and Diana’s wedding 30 years ago.
Guests will include* celebrities such as singer Elton John, comedian Rowan Atkinson, footballer David and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, kings and queens from 40 other countries and political leaders from the 54 commonwealth nations.  (U.S. President Barack Obama, however, was not invited.  Neither was France’s Nicholas Sarkozy.)
This Friday, April 29th, Prince William of England will marry his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton at 11 a.m.
It will be a traditional royal wedding in many senses,* but there will be one modern touch.*  Instead of promising* to “love, honor* and obey*” Kate will promise to “love, comfort,* honor and keep*” William, but will omit* the word “obey.”
A friend of Kate’s said  “They have been together for 10 years, studied together, lived together and have the same friends. They are equals* in every way, and have planned this wedding as equal partners, so for Kate to ‘obey’ doesn’t make sense.*”
Prince William is 3rd in line for the English throne.  His grandmother, Elizabeth, is the current queen.  When she dies William’s father, Charles, will become king.
If Charles lives as long as his mother and, especially, his grandmother, William, 28, will be an old man before he becomes king.

Mr. and Mrs. Future King of England

screen – obrazovka
include – zahrnovat
sense – smysl
touch – nádech
promise – slibovat
honor – ctít
obey – poslouchat
comfort – postarat se o pohodlí; utěšit
omit – vynechat
equal – rovnocenná osoba
make sense – dávat smysl
Question for discussion:
Is this too expensive?

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