Nicolas Cage Arrested* for Domestic Abuse*, Being Drunk

Popular action adventure film star Nicolas Cage was arrested last week in New Orleans, USA, for being too drunk in public and physically abusing his wife.  Cage, who has starred* in such films as Raising Arizona and The Rock, and won a best actor Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, is in New Orleans filming Medallion, a story about a former* thief* searching for* his kidnapped* daughter.
According to witnesses, both Cage and his wife, Alice Kim, were extremely drunk when the incident occured.*  They were standing in front of a residence in the French Quarter, which is New Orleans’ entertainment* district, and arguing* about whether or not it was the place they were staying.  Cage grabbed* Kim by the arm and tried to drag* her to the door.  She was not seriously injured* and did not require  hospitalization.
Cage was previously married to actress Patricia Arquette and then Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie.

Cage and Kim

arrested – zatčen
domestic abuse – domácí násilí
star – hrát hlavní roli
former – bývalý
thief – zloděj
search for – pátrat po
kidnapped – unesený
occur – stát se
entertainment – zábavní
argue – hádat se
grab by – chytnout za
drag – táhnout
injured – zraněn
Question for discussion:
Are you a fan of Nicolas Cage?


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