McDonald’s Sued by Mom

Monet Parham, a mother with two small children in California, USA, is suing McDonald’s for putting toys in their happy meals.  She says that by adding toys, they are encouraging* children to demand* the meals, which are unhealthy.  Also, they make it difficult for parents to refuse* their children’s demands.
McDonald’s issued* a statement* which said that Parham “was not misled* by any advertising.”  In other words, they never claimed that their happy meals were healthy.City council members in both San Francisco and New York City have proposed legislation that would limit the salt and fat content of any meals in which toys are included.
sued – žalován
encourage – podněcovat
demand – vyžadovat
refuse – odmítnout
issue – vydat
statement – prohlášení
be misled – být oklamán
Question for discussion:
Do you like McDonald’s?


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