Man Thinks Robbery* is Joke

When a bank robber in Boston, USA, put a gun to Robert Wood’s head, he thought it was a joke.  Two months before, a friend had played a joke on him in the same bank, using his finger instead of a gun.  “That’s what I thought was going on,” said Wood, 61.
Then, the situation turned serious.  The robber pushed him to the ground, threw a bag at him and said “Put the money in there.”  Wood, who had just withdrawn* $200, still refused.*
“I ain’t giving you my money,” he said.
The robber then ignored him and pointed* the gun at the cashier.  He got away with $22,000 but was caught* soon after he left the bank.
Wood’s wife was not happy about his behavior* during the robbery.  “He never takes anything seriously,” she said.
robbery – loupežné přepadení
withdraw – vybrat (peníze z bankomatu)
refuse – odmítnout
point at – namířit
be caught – být přistižen
behavior – chování
Question for discussion:
Would you give them your money ?


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