Hong Kong Actor Sets Record* for Most Deaths in a Day

Law Lok-lam has set a strange sort of record.  The Hong Kong actor died 5 times in  a single day – on television.
In the martial arts* series Grace Under Fire he died a bloody covered in blood and he was vomiting* blood before he died in the drama Fate to Fate.  In the historical film Relic of an Emissary, he played the emperor* Zhu Yuanzhang, who died after an illness.  In the police drama Police Station Number 7 and in the comedy Virtues of Harmony, his character died off screen but his death was discussed by  other characters.
Law does not think the record is very important, and he doesn’t mind when his character dies.  “When I get a job, I don’t care if my character in the drama will die.  If he is supposed to  die, he should go on and die.”
It is a tradition among actors in Hong Kong that when their character dies, they  get a red packet with a small amount of money.  Law got several from suspicious* film crews.*
Some fans were critical of TVB, the state television station, for making him die so much, but a station spokesperson said it was just a coincidence…*

A Dying Art

set record – stanovit rekord
martial art – bojové umění
vomit – zvracet
emperor – císař
suspicious – podezřelý
crew – štáb
coincidence – náhoda
Question for discussion:
Does it take talent to die?


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