English Firm Hiring* Nude* Computer Programmers

An English computer software company wants to hire programmers and sales staff* who would like to work in the nude.  It’s not sexual harassment* and it’s not about porn.  The company is managed* by nudists, or naturists as they prefer to be called.  They will hire both men and women, and attractiveness is not the main factor.
“Sex does not play a part in naturism,” company spokesman Chris Taylor said.  “Yes, one is aware of differences in sex and size and shape and age of everyone, but the concern* is on sales and technical ability, not availability.”
Although the idea is to create a more comfortable work environment,* the rule* will be strictly  enforced.*  According to the company’s website, new applicants* will be required to work in the nude from the time they  arrive at work until  they leave to go home.  Not even shoes are allowed.
Taylor added that it doesn’t really affect* the customers* at all, since they will never realize* the staff is nude.

Working in Comfort

hire – zaměstnávat
nude – nahatý
sales staff – zaměstnanci
harrassment – obtěžování
be managed – být řízen
concern – interest
environment – prostředí
rule – pravidlo
be enforced – být uplatňován
applicant – uchazeč
affect – ovlivnit
customer – zákazník
realize – dovědět se
Question for discussion:
Do you like being naked?


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