English Farmer Dyes* Sheep Orange

English farmer John Heard has dyed his sheep – all 250 of them – bright orange.
Heard, 48, said “Sheep rustling* has become a big problem with ewes* worth around 140 pounds (almost 160 euros) each.  My flock* roams* Dartmoor and I was getting fed up* losing them.  My son James suggested the orange dye and although it produces some strange looking sheep it has done the trick and I haven’t lost one this year.  It works because they are so easy to distinguish* making it easier for me and my neighbors to keep a wary* eye out for them.*  Plus the rustlers are obviously nervous about stealing such easily distinguished animals.”
The dye is harmless* and it eventually wears off.
Although Mr. Heard has solved his problem, sheep theft has increased dramatically across Britain in recent years.

Dyed in the Wool

dye – obarvit
rustling – krádež dobytka
ewe – ovce (samice)
flock – stádo
roam – potulovat se po
fed up – otrávený
distinguish – rozeznat
keep an eye out for –
dohlížet na
wary – ostražitý
harmless – neškodný
Question for discussion:
How can we stop theft?


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