Brazilian Player Sent Off* for Wearing a Mask

Brazilian forward* Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, usually known just as Neymar, was kicked out of* a recent league game by the referee* just for wearing a mask of himself!
The incident happened during a league game between Neymar’s team, Santos, and rivals Colo-Colo.
Neymar had received a yellow card earlier in the game for tripping.*
Then, while celebrating a goal, he picked up* a mask of himself that a fan had thrown onto the field* and put it on.  The fans thought it was great, but the referee was not amused.*
Many European clubs are interested in Neymar, who is only 19, but he is contracted to Santos until December, 2014.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

sent off – poslán pryč
forward – útočník
be kicked out of – být vyloučen z
referee – rozhodčí
tripping – podrážení
pick up – sebrat
field – hřiště
amused – pobavený
severe – přísný
Question for discussion:
Was the penalty too severe?*


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