Young Genius Gets in the Game

Bubble Ball is currently* the most frequently downloaded* iphone application.  It has been downloaded more than 2 million times.Perhaps the most amazing* thing about it is that it was created by a 14 year old boy.
Robert Nay, from Utah, USA, has been interested in computers for as long as he can remember.  He created his first website when he was in 3rd grade,* and even his teachers depend on* him to fix* their computer problems.
“It’s neat* to know that he’s brought a little fun and happiness to 2 million people,” Robert’s father, Don, said.
Robert is already working on his next game.
currently – v současné době
downloaded – stahovaný
amazing – překvapivý
grade – třída
depend on – záviset na
fix – opravit
neat – cool
Question for discussion:
Do you play games on your phone?

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