Two Women Let Out of* Prison* – For a Kidney*

Sixteen years ago, Jamie and Gladys Scott participated in a robbery,* which got them approximately 8 euros.  They had persuaded* two men to drive them to a nearby town.  On the way, one of the girls pretended* to be sick and asked the driver to stop.  When he did, another car stopped beside him.  The boys in it, who were friends of the sisters, pointed* a gun* at the driver and demanded his money.
When the boys were caught, they made a deal* with the police.  They testified against the two sisters in return for light sentences* and only spent a few months in jail.  Jamie and Gladys Scott received life sentences.
However, Jamie has become ill in prison and needs kidney dialysis daily.  It costs the state almost 100,000 euros per year.  So, Gladys made an offer and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour agreed to it.  They were released* from prison on the condition that Gladys will give Jamie one of her kidneys.
Now that they are free, the two plan to go to Florida where they hope to determine* that they are a compatible match for a transplant.

Jamie and Gladys Scott

let out of – propuštěna z
prison – vězení
kidney – ledvina
robbery – krádež
persuade – přesvědčit
pretend – předstírat
point at – namířit na
gun – zbraň
make a deal – uzavřít obchod
sentence – rozsudek
release – propustit
determine – určit
Question for discussion:
Is this justice?


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