Real Life Superheros Fight Crime* in Seattle

In Seattle, USA, a group of people who call themselves “The Rain City Superhero Movement”* (it rains very much in Seattle) dress up like superheroes and fight crime. One of them, Phoenix Jones (no one knows his real name) recently prevented* a car theft.* “From the right this guy comes dashing* in wearing this skin-tight rubber,* black and gold suit and starts chasing* him  (the thief) away,” said the owner of the car.
The police have mixed feelings about the masked men, especially the fact that they remain anonymous.  “There’s nothing wrong with citizens getting involved* with the criminal justice* process, as long as they follow it all the way through, police spokesman Jeff Kappel said.
Jones insists* that their organization is serious.  “Everyone on my team has a military background or a mixed martial arts* background and we’re well aware of what it costs to do what we do,” he said.
Jones was stabbed* once, but says most criminals flee* immediately.  “When I walk into a neighborhood, criminals leave because they see the suit.  I symbolize that the average person doesn’t have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing.”
In addition to* Jones, there are “Catastrophe,” “Thunder 88,”  “No Name,” and 5 more.

Unfortunately, He Doesn’t Have Super Powers

crime – zločin
movement – hnutí
prevent – zabránit
theft – krádež
come dashing – přihnat se
rubber – gumový
chase – pronásledovat
get involved – zaplést se
criminal justice – trestní soudnictví
insist – trvat na
martial art – bojové umění
be stabbed – být bodnut
flee – uprchnout
in addition to – kromě
Question for discussion:
Is this too dangerous for civilians?

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