Lionfish Problem Solved: They are Good to Eat

Red Lionfish are native to the South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Red Sea.  So, once they entered the Caribbean and Atlantic (possibly after an aquarium was broken during Hurricane Andrew in 1992), they spread* quickly.  They have no natural predators there.
“There really aren’t government funds to provide* bounties* or removal* programs,” said environmentalist Lad Akins.  So, his organization, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) decided that the best way to fight the Lionfish was to encourage people to eat them, and they produced a cookbook!
“It’s absolutely good eating, a delicacy” Akins said.  “It’s delicately flavored white meat, very buttery.”
The Lionfish does have poison* in its “spines,*” but they are easily removed* before cooking.

Disaster or Delicacy

spread – rozšířit se
provide – poskytnout
bounty – najatý lovec
removal – odstranění
environmentalist – ekolog
encourage – povzbudit
poison – jed
spine – ploutev
be removed – být odstraněn
Question for discussion:
Do you like seafood?


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