Floods* Are Not Sexy

An Australian man and woman, both 19, tried to go down the flooded Yarra River in Queensland, Australia, recently, on a pair of inflatable* sex dolls.
They thought it would be funny but the current* was strong, the dolls sunk, and the couple needed to be rescued* by police.
Australia is now having its worst floods in living memory, so the police were not amused* by the joke.
“Most rescue organizations would frown* on people behaving in such a manner because there are people out there who are in genuine* need of assistance,” Police Constable Wayne Wilson said.

Not Meant for Water

flood – povodeň
inflatable – nafukovací
current – proud
be rescued – být zachráněn
amused – ohromený
frown on – mračit se na
genuine – skutečný
Question for discussion:
Should they be fined?

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