Cat Called for Jury Duty*

Tabby Sal Esposito of Boston, USA, has been ordered* by a judge* to be on a jury.  There is one small problem.  Tabby Sal is a cat.
“Sal is a member of the family so I listed* him on the last census* form under pets* but there has clearly been a mix-up,” owner Anna Esposito said.
She wrote to the court and included a letter from a veterinarian, but the court wrote back and said the cat must attend* anyway!
“When they ask him guilty* or not guilty, what is he supposed to say – meow?” Esposito said.

Tabby Sal

jury duty – činnost porotce
be ordered – být přikázáno
judge – soudce
list – uvést
census – sčítání lidu
pet – domácí zvíře
attend – zúčastnit se
guilty – vinen
Question for discussion:
Would he be a good juror?


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