Baby Found After 23 Years

23 years ago a 19 day old baby named Carlina White was taken to the hospital by her parents because she had a fever.  She was kidnapped* from the hospital and her parents never saw her again – until last week.
Carlina, who grew up as Nejdra Nance, said she always felt she was different than the family which raised* her.  When she became pregnant as a teenager and could not get her own birth certificate, she confronted her “mother,” Ann Petway, who tearfully* confessed.*
So, she began to do research* on the internet and eventually found Joy White and Carl Tyson (who had divorced about a year after her disappearance*).
Although a DNA test confirmed they were her parents, they all saw the family resemblance* before that.  “I see the smile, the lips, the chin, and the legs — we all have flat knees,” Carlina giggled.*

23 Years Ago

be kidnapped – být unesen
raise – vychovat
tearfully – plačky
confess – přiznat se
research – průzkum
disappearance – zmizení
resemblance – podoba
giggle – chichotat se
Question for discussion:
What should happen to the kidnapper?

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