Artist Builds Temporary* Hotel From Garbage*

German artist Ha Shult has built a temporary, 5 room hotel from garbage for the International Tourism fair* that is happening now in Madrid.
More than a third of the materials used to build the hotel were picked up on the beaches of France, Italy, Spain and Germany.  Bottles, bits of plastic, musical instruments, socks, books and tires* have been used.  The rooms contain recycled beds and chests of drawers.  Around the hotel, there is a sandy area with palm trees.
“I created the Beach Garbage Hotel because the oceans of our planet are the biggest garbage dump.*” Shult said.  Before Madrid, he had built a similar structure in Rome.
Shult is not going to make any money from this hotel.  Guests will be the winners of a competition* on Facebook.
“We wanted to show what our holidays could become if we don’t clean our beaches,” said Rose Piqueras, project spokeswoman.   She added that the beaches of southern Italy are the worst.

This Hotel Is Rubbish

temporary – provizorní
garbage – odpadky
fair – veletrh
tire – pneumatika
garbage dump – skládka odpadků
competition – soutěž
Question for discussion:
Is this a good way to recycle garbage?

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