10 Year Old Finds Supernova

Kathryn Gray, a 10 year old Canadian girl, recently became the youngest person ever to discover* a supernova.  “I’m really excited.  It feels really good,” she said.
A supernova is a massive star which has reached* the end of its life span* and exploded.
The star is in a distant galaxy, approximately 240 million light years away.  This means that the explosion actually happened 240 million years ago.
Gray’s father, Paul, is also an astronomer and has discovered 6 supernovas.
Supernovas are important because they help to estimate* the size and age of the universe.

Stellar* Child

discover – objevit
reach – dosáhnout
life span – životnost
estimate – odhadnout
stellar – hvězdný
Question for discussion:
What is a supernova?

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