Watson’s World News no. 1/2011

Watson’s World News no. 1


Real Life Superheros Fight Crime* in Seattle

In Seattle, USA, a group of people who call themselves “The Rain City Superhero Movement”* (it rains very much in Seattle) dress up like superheroes and fight crime. One of them, Phoenix Jones (no one knows his real name) recently prevented* a car theft.* “From the right this guy comes dashing* in wearing this skin-tight rubber,* black and gold suit and starts chasing* him  (the thief) away,” said the owner of the car.
The police have mixed feelings about the masked men, especially the fact that they remain anonymous.  “There’s nothing wrong with citizens getting involved* with the criminal justice* process, as long as they follow it all the way through, police spokesman Jeff Kappel said.
Jones insists* that their organization is serious.  “Everyone on my team has a military background or a mixed martial arts* background and we’re well aware of what it costs to do what we do,” he said.
Jones was stabbed* once, but says most criminals flee* immediately.  “When I walk into a neighborhood, criminals leave because they see the suit.  I symbolize that the average person doesn’t have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing.”
In addition to* Jones, there are “Catastrophe,” “Thunder 88,”  “No Name,” and 5 more.

Unfortunately, He Doesn’t Have Super Powers

crime – zločin
movement – hnutí
prevent – zabránit
theft – krádež
come dashing – přihnat se
rubber – gumový
chase – pronásledovat
get involved – zaplést se
criminal justice – trestní soudnictví
insist – trvat na
martial art – bojové umění
be stabbed – být bodnut
flee – uprchnout
in addition to – kromě
Question for discussion:
Is this too dangerous for civilians?

Baby Found After 23 Years

23 years ago a 19 day old baby named Carlina White was taken to the hospital by her parents because she had a fever.  She was kidnapped* from the hospital and her parents never saw her again – until last week.
Carlina, who grew up as Nejdra Nance, said she always felt she was different than the family which raised* her.  When she became pregnant as a teenager and could not get her own birth certificate, she confronted her “mother,” Ann Petway, who tearfully* confessed.*
So, she began to do research* on the internet and eventually found Joy White and Carl Tyson (who had divorced about a year after her disappearance*).
Although a DNA test confirmed they were her parents, they all saw the family resemblance* before that.  “I see the smile, the lips, the chin, and the legs — we all have flat knees,” Carlina giggled.*

23 Years Ago

be kidnapped – být unesen
raise – vychovat
tearfully – plačky
confess – přiznat se
research – průzkum
disappearance – zmizení
resemblance – podoba
giggle – chichotat se
Question for discussion:
What should happen to the kidnapper?

Cat Called for Jury Duty*

Tabby Sal Esposito of Boston, USA, has been ordered* by a judge* to be on a jury.  There is one small problem.  Tabby Sal is a cat.
“Sal is a member of the family so I listed* him on the last census* form under pets* but there has clearly been a mix-up,” owner Anna Esposito said.
She wrote to the court and included a letter from a veterinarian, but the court wrote back and said the cat must attend* anyway!
“When they ask him guilty* or not guilty, what is he supposed to say – meow?” Esposito said.

Tabby Sal

jury duty – činnost porotce
be ordered – být přikázáno
judge – soudce
list – uvést
census – sčítání lidu
pet – domácí zvíře
attend – zúčastnit se
guilty – vinen
Question for discussion:
Would he be a good juror?

Readers Save Library by Taking Books

Residents of an English town, angry at plans to close the local library, have checked out* all 16,000 of its books at once in protest.
Emily Malleson, of the Friends of Stony Stratford Library (FOSSL), said “A local resident mentioned the idea, maybe as a bit of a joke, but we thought it was a great idea so we put it to FOSSL.  I put it on Facebook and e-mailed everyone I could think of and it’s just gone absolutely mad.  I think it’s a very simple but clever idea and it’s given something that people can do and make their voice heard.  The amount of support is just staggering.*”
At the peak of* the protest, books were being checked out at a rate* of almost 400 an hour.
In addition to* leaving the library with bare* shelves, more than 500 supporters* joined* a Facebook page and there is also a petition against the closure.*
check out – půjčit si (knihy z knihovny)
staggering – ohromující
at the peak of – na vrcholu
rate – rychlost
in addition to  – kromě
bare – prázdný
supporter – příznivec
join – přidat se na
closure – zavření
Question for discussion:
Will this save the library?

Floods* Are Not Sexy

An Australian man and woman, both 19, tried to go down the flooded Yarra River in Queensland, Australia, recently, on a pair of inflatable* sex dolls.
They thought it would be funny but the current* was strong, the dolls sunk, and the couple needed to be rescued* by police.
Australia is now having its worst floods in living memory, so the police were not amused* by the joke.
“Most rescue organizations would frown* on people behaving in such a manner because there are people out there who are in genuine* need of assistance,” Police Constable Wayne Wilson said.

Not Meant for Water

flood – povodeň
inflatable – nafukovací
current – proud
be rescued – být zachráněn
amused – ohromený
frown on – mračit se na
genuine – skutečný
Question for discussion:
Should they be fined?

Brother of Harry Potter Actress Jailed for* Beating* Her

Afshan Azad, 21, plays Padmina Patel, a schoolmate of Harry Potter’s, in the hit fantasy films.   Last May she was severely* beaten by her brother.  Her father and mother approved of* the assault.*  Only her sister-in-law tried to help her, but she was pushed away.
The reason for the assault was that Azad, who is from a Muslim family, was dating a Hindu man.  When her brother Ashraf, 28, heard her talking to her boyfriend on the phone he began punching* her, strangling* her, dragging* her around the house by the hair and cursing at* her.  He called her a prostitute and said “Marry a Muslim or you will die!”
Her father reportedly said at one point “Just kill her.”
The assault continued for 3 hours.  The next day Afshan escaped from the family home through a window and went to live in London, hiding from her family.
Afshan actually asked the judge to be lenient* with her brother and not send him to jail.  However, the judge insisted on jail time, saying “This is a sentence designed to punish* you for what you did and also to send out a clear message to others that domestic violence* involving circumstances such as have arisen here cannot be tolerated.”

For Now She Is Safe

jailed for – uvězněn za
beat – bít
severely – vážně
approve of – schválit
assault – napadení
punch – uhodit
strangle – škrtit
drag – táhnout
curse at – proklínat
lenient – shovívavý
punish – potrestat
violence – násilí
Question for discussion:
Is his sentence long enough?