Sir Richard Branson Will Dress and Work as a Stewardess

Billionaire Richard Branson made his fortune* in the music business. The Sex Pistols, Mike Oldfield and Boy George all owe* their careers to Branson.  He now owns* over 400 companies in industries as diverse* as cosmetics and space exploration.*  In February, he will have to wear a red dress and high heels as he serves* passengers* on an Air Asia X flight from London to Kuala Lumpur.
That’s because he lost a bet* to Air Asia X chief executive Tony Fernandes on whose Formula 1 team would finish higher in the years’ ratings.*  Although neither team did well, Fernandes won the bet (or he would have been wearing a dress and serving drinks on one of Branson’s flights).
It is likely* that seats on the flight will be auctioned and the proceeds* will go to a charity of Branson’s choice.
It won’t be the first time Branson has worn a dress.  He wore one for the grand opening of Virgin Brides, a bridal wear* company, and Vie, a cosmetics firm.

Lady in Red

fortune – jmění
owe – dlužit
own – vlastnit
diverse – různorodý
space exploration – vesmírný průzkum
serve – obsluhovat
passenger – cestující
bet – sázka
rating – hodnocení
likely – pravděpodobný
proceeds – výtěžek
bridal wear – svatební oblečení
Question for discussion:
Why is it always funny when men dress as women?



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