Robots Serve Chinese

At the Dalu Rebot restaurant, in northern China, all of the waitresses are robots.
There are still human beings working there, to greet customers and explain to them how the restaurant works, and in the kitchen.
“Next, we’ll develop* robots which can climb stairs and help with kitchen chores* like washing the dishes,” restaurant spokesman Zhang Yongpei said.  They haven’t fired* their chef yet, but it is only a matter of time.*
The 21 tables at the restaurant are arranged* in a circle, and the 6 mechanical waitresses follow a set* path* around them.

Taking Orders

develop – vyvinout
kitchen chore – práce v kuchyni
fire – vyhodit (z práce)
matter of time – otázka času
be arranged – být uspořádán
set – daný
path – trasa
Question for discussion:
What are the advantages to this system?

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