Panda Keepers Dress the Part

Animal keepers at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center in western China dress up as panda bears whenever they work with panda bear cubs.*  They believe it is essential if the cubs are ever to be released into* the wild.
In 2006 they released Xiang Xiang, a 5 year old male, into the wild and at first thought he was adjusting* well.  Then he was attacked by a group of 5 male wild pandas and killed.  The professional panda handlers* at Hetaoping think that the wild bears sensed,* somehow, that Xiang Xiang had been raised* by humans.
There are fewer than 2,500 giant pandas still alive in China.

Playing Mama

cub – mládě
be released into – být vypuštěn
adjust – zvykat si
handler – ošetřovatel
sense – vycítit
be raised – být vychován
Question for discussion:
Will this help?


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