Natalie Portman Engaged*

Natalie Portman, who is perhaps* best known as Padmé Amadala in the Star Wars movies but also starred* in V for Vendetta and many other films, is engaged to be married.
The lucky man is Benjamin Millepied, a well known French ballet dancer and choreographer.  He is 33, Portman is 29.
They met when working together on Black Swan,* in which Portman plays a ballet dancer who slowly loses her mind.  Millepied (which means, coincidentally,* thousand feet in French) choreographed the film and also has a minor* role in it, as Portman’s dance partner.
They are expecting* a child.  It will be the first marriage and first child for both of them.

The Happy Couple

engaged – zasnoubená
perhaps – možná
star – hrát (ve filmu)
swan – labuť
coincidentally – shodou okolností
minor – menší
be expecting – čekat (dítě)
Question for discussion:
What Natalie Portman films have you seen?



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