Merry Juana Christmas!

German police in Koblenz arrested* a man shortly before Christmas because they didn’t like his tree.
The “tree” was a 2 meter tall marijuana plant which the man, described only as “an old hippie,” had placed in* a Christmas tree stand* and decorated with a string* of lights. He planned to add* more decorations and put his presents under it, all according to tradition.
Police found an additional 150 grams of marijuana in the man’s flat.
Police in Munich arrested a 21 year old man for possession* of an Advent calendar which had cannabis* behind each little door instead of chocolate.

Merry Cannabis!

arrest – zatknout
place in – umístit do
stand – stojan
string – řetěz
add – přidat
possession – držení
cannabis – konopí
Question for discussion:
Is this the right “Christmas Spirit”?



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