Hypnosis Saves Heating Cost

A shoemaker in England, who leaves the doors of his workshop open even in winter because of the fumes* from the glue,* has found a creative solution to the problem of heating.
He hired* a hypnotist to convince* his workers that they were warm!
“I am a very skeptical person so I didn’t think it would work – but soon they were complaining* about how hot they were!,” Martin Cornellan said.
Adam Hood, who works at the shop, said “I definitely feel much hotter than I was.  All my life I’ve had cold hands and that’s even gone now.”
Hypnotist James Kerwin said “It’s all about mind over matter.*  It’s a case of reprogramming people like you would a computer.”
fume – výpar
glue – lepidlo
hire – najmout
convince – přesvědčit
complain – stěžovat si
mind over matter – mysl nad hmotou
Question for discussion:
Is this dangerous?


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